Social and legal empowerment of grass-root women in India


In 2022, CEWAS continued its activities and set new goals. Find out more in the 2022 Annual Report.

Yearly cost of legal empowerment in a village

365 CHF

Salary of a CEWAS employee

80 CHF

One full day training of 50 group leaders

200 CHF

Monthly travel expenses to the villages

175 CHF


Center for Women's Advocacy Studies Trust

is a non-governmental and non-religious organisation in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, which is committed to social and legal empowerment of destitute women.

Many Indian women face problems like dowry demands, physical and psychological abuse, harassment, property disputes and alcoholism of their husbands.
CEWAS provides legal advice in an office in the outskirts of Madurai and sets up women rights forums in the villages. The trust works with an integrative approach and tries to raise awareness for gender issues among the community through cooperation with husbands, police, public officials, village heads and councils. This includes networking with other NGOs and state institutions.

Our projects


Swindo Food Bank

CEWAS staff has bought biological staple foods in bulk from local farmers, packed them in smaller portions and sold them at an affordable price. The demand is big, which is why CEWAS plans to establish little shops in the villages to allow access to staple foods of good quality, independent of supply chains and market prices.


Village forums

CEWAS provides women with regular training in legal matters, and motivates them to share their knowledge with the community. Once a month women's forums are organized in villages. CEWAS is present in 50 villages.



Counselling is given in the office as well as in the field. Part of the process is the referral of clients to various support units as police stations, social welfare institutes, de-addiction centres, short stay homes, orphanages.



CEWAS Training centre

Since January 2019 CEWAS has its own place for workshops, group trainings and consultations. The aesthetic and traditional building is a centre for social and cultural exchange and further education for the surrounding villages.


Further projects

  • Tuition
  • Street play
  • Drop-in centres