The counselling is given in the office as well as in the field. On both levels CEWAS seeks to give women legal and social advice. An important part of the counselling process is the referral of clients to various support units. These can for example be police stations, organizations which provide free legal aid, social welfare institutes, de-addiction centres, short stay homes, orphanages.

Case history – Sathya

When Sathya came to CEWAS six years ago, she was nine month pregnant and desperate. She was unmarried, the child's father refused to marry her. Unmarried and pregnant she was a disgrace to her family and was sent away.

In CEWAS she delivered the child and later on started working for CEWAS. With the help of CEWAS she managed to reunite with her family. She now lives as a single parent back in her village - a very unusual situation, which shows that change is possible.

Her work at CEWAS, her fearless interaction with the police and the court has given her a certain status in the village. She is respected. "Do not mess with Sathya, she will file a case against you in the court!" the people in her village use to say. Sathya walks the two kilometers distance from the bus stop to her village in the dark all by herself. Nobody dares to harm her.