Swindo Food Bank

Because of the covid pandemic the situation in India is even more precarious than before. Many people who work in the informal sector have lost their work and persons living in remote villages have no opportunity to buy staple foods.

Thanks to the close knitted network built during the years of work in the villages, CEWAS is able to relieve the greatest needs where other NGOs or government officials don't reach. CEWAS staff has bought biological staple foods in bulk from local farmers, packed them in smaller portions and sold them at an affordable price. The demand is high, which is why CEWAS plans to establish little shops in the villages to allow access to staple foods of good quality, independent of supply chains and market prices.

With your donation for "Food Banks" you enable CEWAS to establish these shops and to continue to provide food for the villagers.


The Swindo enterprise enables CEWAS to cross-finance its own work and also to provide local women with a small income.

Paper bag production: The women produce paper bags of different sizes and paper quality in home work. These are sold to local shops or wedding parties.

Products made from banana fibres: Interested women are trained in the processing of banana fibres and manufacture various baskets and bags.

Farmer's Smile: The villagers are encouraged to sell their agricultural products via CEWAS. When a crop is harvested a message will be sent via WhatsApp group. Anyone who wants something fresh from the village can get in touch and the goods will be delivered. In addition, pickles and masalas - made by the women of CEWAS - can be ordered.